Equestrian City Update – 07-19-18

Hello and welcome to another update from Equestrian City!

The release of episode 9 still fresh in our minds, episode 10 is well into the planning stages and work continues to generate outlines with the help of both Proofreaders and Co-Author Alisia.

InvisibleInkdoodles has given us another update showing progress on the newest round of character sheets we have for the project! I can’t wait to share more when I can, for those that haven’t seen the first set (Sunset and Pinkie) the link is here! They turned out super well and are indeed worth the price paid!

We’ve begun work on making a patreon possibly, for those unaware I personally front all the cost for the project and hopefully won’t have to shoulder the full burden if we get the patreon up and running, but there’s still alot to consider first.

The Discord server is still in test mode being invite only at the moment. We’re hoping Rivet Rose can get a bot implemented so we can open up to the general public who’s interested!

The wikipedia I created is still…alive, but slow to be built, mainly because it’s just me and I’m very low on my skills for coding pages.

The most exciting news however is we’ve recently entered into negotiations with the long thought poofed DSHooves! Yes she’s alive well and kicking! She’s got herself a Patreon herself, check it out!

Thanks and stay tuned for more information!


Equestrian City – Episode 9 “Lethal Revelations”

The latest episode is up at FIMFiction and here!

Sunset and Twilight head to the No Mans Land while Dash and Pinkie come clean to each other! Mistress Mayhem makes some new friends and Rarity’s subconscious is starting to scream at her!


Sunset and Pinkie Ref Sheets!


Working with the artist on these was a real treat! I enjoyed the back and forth I had with them and they were always a consummate professional. It’s a handful of artists I work with that I can count on for both quality and consistency, and this one is among them! We’ve been working on this for a while and it’s just one of many things we’ve got in the forge in terms of projects, and so far, along with the rest of the staff, I can say I’m excited! And I’m the project lead! 😛 We at Equestrian City welcome InvisibleInkDoodles as our Lead Artist and can’t wait for the rest of the world to see what this project can do with quality like this and fans like all of you out there!


Thanks and stay tuned!