Equestrian City – Episode 9 “Lethal Revelations”

The latest episode is up at FIMFiction and here!

Sunset and Twilight head to the No Mans Land while Dash and Pinkie come clean to each other! Mistress Mayhem makes some new friends and Rarity’s subconscious is starting to scream at her!


Sunset and Pinkie Ref Sheets!


Working with the artist on these was a real treat! I enjoyed the back and forth I had with them and they were always a consummate professional. It’s a handful of artists I work with that I can count on for both quality and consistency, and this one is among them! We’ve been working on this for a while and it’s just one of many things we’ve got in the forge in terms of projects, and so far, along with the rest of the staff, I can say I’m excited! And I’m the project lead! 😛 We at Equestrian City welcome InvisibleInkDoodles as our Lead Artist and can’t wait for the rest of the world to see what this project can do with quality like this and fans like all of you out there!


Thanks and stay tuned!



Welcome to Equestrian City! We’ve revamped our website and it now completely is devoted to our growing project! Stay a while and look over the bare bones we have and keep checking back! Better yet, follow us?


That being said, we just published the final draft of the first episode. Nothing changed story wise, but it was discussed that over time, it has shown it’s age, so with the help of my new co-author, we went over it and agreed on where changes were needed and implemented them! Found “Fanfiction” or by clicking here!

The Menu bar has been reworked and should give you access to the fiction on site, the FimFiction mirrors we have and the dA one’s also. This will most likely be the first to be updated along with FimFiction and always with a small post regarding it.

Importantly the Wiki is sealed off for editing as we try to get the structure in place, so it’s small but growing as the staff and I discuss ideas and jot them down for our growing cast!

Expect more art to be showcased as well and of course this is all a Fan Created Universe and in no way affiliated with Hasbro or it’s subsidiaries! 🙂

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