Equestrian City Update – 09-06-18


Hello again Equestrian City fans!

The sheets just don’t stop as Moon Pearl’s style continues slowly enveloping and transforming my original vision and improving it!

I’m happy to announce we’ve already been about to prepare a new list for her after this batch is done. So she’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

This time we’ve got Pinkie Pie, aka Splitsecond! In case you missed it, here’s her bio from a while back we posted:

During the Canterlot Disaster, Pinkie Pie was exposed to a Haste Spell and, thanks to a bolt of random lightning, rendered her unconscious. All seemed fine after her burns healed remarkably fast, faster than anticipated, at the hospital and she went on with her life. Sadly like most people she lost touch with all but a few of her school friends. Assimilating into Equestrian City as part of the refugee plan, Pinkie finished the rest of her schooling and opened a business specializing in her lifelong dream: Party Planning!

Living a relatively normal life, one fine day her van was broken when she was craving some pizza. Not one to be gloomy, she simply decided to go for a jog and was determined to get some pizza for her lunch. Pinkie was halfway to the capital of the Symmetry Dominion, Equalicity, before she even realized she’d ran as far and as fast as she had. She also found out in this moment her clothing hadn’t held up so well to the wind friction, or not as well as she would had hoped. After a quick change of clothes and an internal debate in her head, she ran again but this time focusing on her destination. Upon arriving at home, she fully realized she hadn’t been left alone from the magical wave as she had originally assumed.

Not one to shy away from her party duties, she now divides her time between throwing the most festive celebrations she can make, and fighting the criminals of Central Equestrian City under the name of Splitsecond!

She tends to break the fourth wall even in the story so that’s always fun to try and write a fourth wall break in a fan fiction ; ).


Until next time!


Equestrian City Update – 09-04-18


Hello Equestrian City Fans,

Another release is upon us and thanks to Moon Pearl and her rapid fire abilities, we’re releasing another reference sheet!

This time we’re releasing Impervia, aka Applejack.

After the Canterlot Disaster, the remaining survivors were transplanted across the bay to Equestrian City. Finishing out her schools years there, Applejack became the apple of someone else’s eye, enter one Trenderhoof.

Now without the support system of how to handle things, as she had in the Prime Universe, Applejack was extremely unprepared to deal with all the affection and trouble that came with Trenderhoof, and his obsessive attitude. Eventually she became quite taken with his persistence and finally the two became friends then lovers and finally man and wife!

This didn’t bode well for Rarity who was actually quite taken by Trender herself. As harmony began to spiral into chaos without a proper balance of elements, namely Twilight and her lessons on friendship close by, things took quite a turn for Rarity as well as the others. She came to the conclusion if Applejack was going to take something from her, the only thing to do was repay the favor. But that’s her story for another time ;).

Seemingly untouched by the disaster, Applejack and Trenderhoof eventually formed a company “AppleTrends” and began to supply government contracts for the city. Still at home on the farm and in the field, she oversaw most of the day-to-day harvesting and slowly passing on her trade to her little sister.

It didn’t take long to notice she was stronger than normal. An accident on the farm had led her to find out she was quite invulnerable as well to damage. The upper limits of her powers are not tested, as she finds hero work too time consuming. Able to leap tall orchards in a single bound, she fights only when she has to and only under the name Impervia!

Here’s the reference sheet. I’d love to hear some feedback.


Until next time,


Equestrian City Update – 08-31-18

Hey Equestrian City Fans!

We recently had a staff recruiting spree and one of our newest members, Moon Pearl, also known as Succubi Samus, has been given the Lead Artist position! If you are fan of her work, you might know how she loves to mess with plots. As a writer I certainly can admire that!
Our first full release of the reference sheets we’ve had them do is Shadowstrike aka Rainbow Dash!
As you die hard followers know she’s an homage to both Robin and Daredevil and uses echolocation like the latter. Blinded by the intense light of the explosion, Dash used her free time not to mope around but just learn to be as Awesome as she wanted to be despite her disability! It wasn’t until years later when her powers manifested that she became the coding expert of the night, Shadowstrike!
Stay tuned as we release more slowly, its hectic around the discord server with so many new people and structure to boot, so until next time!

Dark Malcontent

(This artwork or it’s related associations are not associated with Hasbro in any way shape or form. All work has been produced independently from Hasbro, DHX, and the ‘My Little Pony’ and ‘Equestria Girls’ brand. The project does not detract from Hasbro’s original content and does not intentionally or otherwise mislead the public on its intent or place within a fan based product. All content exists as a work of pastiche with clear transformative intent)