EC Fanfiction

It’s been almost a decade since the Battle of the Bands and Sunset Shimmer has been trying to clean up the mess she made. After series of unrelated crimes, Sunset, now known as The Phoenix, may need to finally ask for help…

Originally envisioned as a short story, Equestrian City is slowly becoming a rich world on it’s own. From the Eastern Empire ruled by King Sombra and it’s massive military might fueled by Professor Midnight to the mysterious Symmetry Dominion to the West!

The first story arc titled quaintly, “Equestrian City” is divided into chapters or “episodes”, is still in progress. Meant to showcase the main “heroes” of the city, as well as showing the trouble and issues we all run into as we get older in life, it introduces the basic concepts of the world.

Available here, on FimFiction, and dA, we’re slowly releasing every few months after we polish each chapter through internal readers.

Equestrian City


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